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Innovation Starts Here

New opportunities arise through
encounters between people,
and new encounters are happening
throughout the world.



A One-of-
“Encounter Database”

・Digitizing tens of millions of business cards per month, hundreds of millions per year.
・Analyzing how business connections come together, progress, and lead to further connections.
・Driving Sansan’s own product development and offering valuable data for global research.


What Is an Encounter Database?

When two people meet and
exchange business cards,
they’re exchanging data.
Millions of such exchanges are
happening constantly, all over
the world.
We digitize the business card
data from these exchanges.

This data represents
face-to-face encounters.

Deeply analyzing the data lets us visualize networks of
connections. In this way,
DSOC creates a database of
human connections and
networks: an Encounter


3 Key Features
of Data

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    Business cards contain names, companies, department names
    and roles, location and contact
    information, and other
    valuable details.
    No one puts incorrect
    information on their business
    card, and they update their
    card when they change
    positions or companies.
    This makes the data highly
    Subject this data to analysis and you can focus on certain attributes, see changes over time, and profile individuals and companies.

  • #2


    Business cards are exchanged
    in-person, face-to-face.
    They represent real-life
    Encounters upon encounters, when digitized and analyzed, reveal a comprehensive network of connections. These linkages are based on real-life interactions in a business context. Conventional social networks cannot show such insight.
    We can see connections
    between individuals,
    companies, and groups.
    We see the strengths and
    complexity of these
    connections in rich detail.

  • #3


    DSOC’s proprietary system
    has digitized the information
    from hundreds of millions of
    business cards. It starts with
    the initial scan or snapshot.
    Data is then digitized by OCR
    in a couple of seconds. But it’s
    not done yet.
    A combination of machine
    learning and human
    verification then ensures near
    100% accuracy in the
    We call this system GEES
    (Global, Elastic, Efficient,


Japanese Technology Forged
Over a

Sansan Inc. develops the
namesake Sansan B2B service
that now serves 6,000 businesses
(Combined number
of Sansan accounts and
Eight Company Premium accounts) globally,
and the Eight B2C app for iOS and
Android, now used by 2+
million users.
DSOC is the engine that
applies innovative research
and technology to essentially
certify face-to-face
encounters in the form of
business card exchanges.
We’re continually updating
data, continually refining
networks, and empowering



Our researchers at DSOC
constantly analyze the
Encounter Database.
  They use it to find answers for
questions in search of
  They’re seeking ways to
The analysis leads to
predictions of what
connections, and what new
encounters, will lead to b
usiness opportunities.
  DSOC is researching the
present and future of these


What We’ve Found:
DSOC’s Research Output

DSOC’s findings can impact
the future of how we do
  They can lead to innovation
and new avenues for
connecting and staying
We use these findings to
improve Sansan’s services,
but we also collaborate with
external experts and
contribute our findings for the
benefit of society.
  Take a look at some of what
we’ve found.

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    Realizing the future
    of working styles

    • Account-based marketing (ABM)

      An overview of points of contact for each customer

    • Businessperson
      type analysis

      Understanding strengths through
      trends in connections

    • Business card collection

      View and share business cards as a digital collection

    • Knowing people, knowing others,
      knowing corporations

      Turning your employees’ strengths into keywords

    • Transitions in distances between corporations

      Revealing which customers are becoming closer with or distancing themselves from your company

    • Virtual organization charts

      Visualizing your “true team” based around your personal networks

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    Sansan Data

    Joint Research

    DSOC Research and Development

Science of Business Encounters:
For the Present and the Future

DSOC is a continual source of
analysis, strategy, and
future-altering results.
Business encounters,
represented in business card
exchanges, are a wellspring of
new innovation.
For us and for

© Sansan, Inc.